Move yourself forward with the synergistic power of plant medicine & natural lifestyle products that take advantage of today’s scientific knowledge.

Naturally Prescribed, Scientifically Proven

It’s more than just a slogan, it’s our philosophy. A carefully curated selection of no BS products using premium natural ingredients, backed by science, all at an accessible price.

Who We Are

Cureative is a passion project defined by the thrill of cosmetic chemistry and affinity for all things natural. Our founders—Scott Giglio and Sam Hershberger—have worked together in the industry for many years, but ultimately decided their efforts needed to be concentrated in to a company with the humble vision that matched their ambition.

“As a Cosmetic Scientist, I have developed multiple best-selling products in the natural beauty space, going on to be published in Vogue and Bon Appetite amongst other publications. However, my deep concern about health-conscious skincare products as well as disappointment at seeing products overcharged for brand name lit in me a desire to drive change by fulfilling a vision where quality came at an affordable price. This curative vision evolved to become Cureative“.

– Scott A. Giglio, Founder

Scott and Sam have both changed careers many times since, but always found a soft spot for making really good skincare products.

We made Cureative as both a way to get back to our creative roots, and provide our corner of the world with safe, effective, premium offerings that make us happy. We hope this knowledge and passion spills over to your daily routine with our naturally prescribed, scientifically proven contribution to the world of self-care.


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